Step 1 - Reach out to us 

Email us or fill out our contact form.

Tell us a little about your project.

Step 2 - Meet and Greet 

Causal meet where we get to know each other, ask/answer questions, discuss design questionnaire, and see your space if its an option.

Step 3- Agreement/Consultation

We will meet in person at your home and talk specifics of your project. We'll discuss your needs, objectives, the function of the space and who uses it. We will also take measurements and photos of your space.  Consults can typically take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the project.

Step 4- Concept 

We  gather all the information we have discussed with you and prepare styles and images that we think will be suitable for the space. We pull all the ideas together using concept boards and floor plans. Depending on need we will include fabric and finish samples.

Step 5- Finalize Design + Selections

We welcome any feedback from our clients in regards to our initial concepts, and amend any ideas accordingly. We work with you until you are happy with our final concept and would like to proceed to sourcing products and materials.

Step 6 - Implementation

This is the final stage and also the most fun! After everything is purchased and arrives, we are available to help you arrange and stage your house. This is what really pulls everything together and creates that finished, personalized look.

Pricing Options

•Full Design Service•

This option is perfect for someone who needs help with their space from start to finish. We will design your space, whether it’s one room or multiple rooms, with decor, furnishings, accessories, and everything needed in between. Let us do all the planning, shopping, ordering, and installing!

Includes :

⁃Initial consult

⁃Concept boards

⁃Ordering and shopping is done for you



⁃Varies dependent on the room, cost of furniture, and scale of the project

⁃30% design service charge (we design, shop, order items at our discounted design cost + 30% service charge)


•New construction/remodels•

Building or reconstructing a space? Let us help! We will work closely alongside you and your builder to choose the perfect finishes for every inch of your new home/remodel.


⁃Initial consult

⁃Meetings with builders/contractors

⁃Final selections



⁃Concept boards and design plans


⁃Installs may vary

Pricing :

⁃Varies on room and scale

⁃Services are charged at an hourly rate



Ideal for those who work well virtually and are comfortable with ordering online.

Includes :

⁃Initial consult

⁃Concept boards with plan and shopping list

⁃Revisions as needed

Pricing :

⁃Varies and is dependent on rooms needed and scale of project.